January 28, 2014 Day 8 of the Sixth Year - History

January 28, 2014 Day 8 of the Sixth Year - History

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President Barack Obama reviews his speech one last time while waiting in a room at the U.S. Capitol prior to delivering the State of the Union address in the House Chamber in Washington, D.C., Jan. 28, 2014.

Events in New Jersey for Dec. 28, 2014 - Jan. 3, 2015

A guide to cultural and recreational events in New Jersey. Items for the calendar should be sent at least three weeks in advance to [email protected]

NEWARK Prudential Hall, New Jersey Performing Arts Center Jim Gaffigan: The White Bread Tour. Jan. 10 at 6 and 8:30 p.m. Prudential Hall, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, 1 Center Street. 888-466-5722

RED BANK Count Basie Theater “Keep on Keepin’ On,” 2014 documentary directed by Alan Hicks. Jan. 6 at 7 p.m. $5. Count Basie Theater, 99 Monmouth Street. 732-842-9000

For Children

CAMDEN Adventure Aquarium “Hippo Haven.” Continuing. $18.95 and $25.95 children under 2, free. Adventure Aquarium, 1 Riverside Drive. 856-365-3300.

EAST RUTHERFORD Izod Center Disney on Ice presents “Princesses and Heroes.” Jan. 1 through 4. Tickets: $15 and up. Izod Center, 50 Route 120. 201-935-3900

Music and Dance

CAPE MAY Cape May Stage, the Robert Shackleton Playhouse “Merry Melodies: A Holiday Celebration,” musical revue. Through Dec. 31. $15 to $35. Cape May Stage, the Robert Shackleton Playhouse, 405 Lafayette Street. 609-770-8311

HIGHLAND PARK Highland Park Public Library Spook Handy Folk Concert. Dec. 30 at 2 p.m. Free. Highland Park Public Library, 31 North 5th Avenue. 732-572-2750

JERSEY CITY Zeppelin Hall Zeppelin Hall New Year’s Eve, live D.J., dancing, hats and noisemakers. Dec. 31, 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. Free. Zeppelin Hall, 88 Liberty View Drive. 201-721-8888.

MANASQUAN Algonquin Arts Center New Year’s Eve, The McCartney Years: A Paul McCartney Concert Experience. Dec. 31 at 6 and 9 p.m. $45 to $63. “Father Alphonse’s New Year,” Orchestra of St. Peter by the Sea, conducted by Father Alphonse Stephenson. Jan. 4 at 3 p.m. $25 to $51. Algonquin Arts Center, 173 Main Street. 732-528-9211.

MONTCLAIR Outpost in the Burbs Light of Day Winterfest to combat Parkinson’s disease, with Garland Jeffreys, James Maddock, Steve Conte and Joe D’Urso. Jan. 10 at 8 p.m. $35 to $75. Outpost in the Burbs, 67 Church Street. 973-744-6560

MONTCLAIR Trumpets Jazz Club Second annual Mike Kaplan Nonet Salute to Cedar Walton, with Vinnie Cutro, trumpet. Dec. 28, 3 to 6 p.m. $10. Trumpets Jazz Club, 6 Depot Square. 973-744-2600

MORRISTOWN Mayo Performing Arts Center “First Night Morris 2015,” over 300 artists and 80 performances in 24 venues, all within walking distance of the Morristown Green. Dec. 31 at 4:45 p.m. $20. “Sing-A-Long Sound of Music.” Jan. 4 at 3 p.m. $15 and $20. “Shatner’s World: We Just Live in It,” one-man show, with music and storytelling. Jan. 9 at 8 p.m. $59 to $150. Mayo Performing Arts Center, 100 South Street. 973-539-8008.

MORRISTOWN The Minstrel, Morristown Unitarian Fellowship Open stage. Jan. 2, 8 to 11 p.m. $9 12 and under free. The Minstrel, Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, 21 Normandy Heights Road. 973-335-9489

NEW BRUNSWICK State Theater Blues Traveler, rock. Dec. 29 at 8 p.m. $35 to $50. “Salute to Vienna,” the Strauss Symphony of America. Dec. 31 at 6 p.m. $47 to $107. Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes, blues and rock. Dec. 31 at 10 p.m. $40 to $90. Warner Bros. presents “Bugs Bunny at the Symphony II,” with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. Jan. 4 at 3 p.m. $20 to $88. Tickets: 973-624-3713 The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra presents “Romeo and Juliet,” led by Jacques Lacombe. Jan. 10 at 8 p.m. Tickets: 973-624-3713 $20 to $87. State Theater, 15 Livingston Avenue. 732-246-7469

NEWARK Prudential Hall, New Jersey Performing Arts Center Warner Bros. presents “Bugs Bunny at the Symphony II,” with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. Jan. 3 at 3 p.m. $10 to $88. The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra presents “Romeo and Juliet,” led by Jacques Lacombe. Jan. 9 and 11. $20 to $87. Tickets: 973-624-3713 Prudential Hall, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, 1 Center Street. 888-466-5722.

PRINCETON McCarter Theater Center Joint recital with Gidon Kremer, violinist and Daniil Trifonov, pianist. Jan. 5 at 7:30 p.m. $42 to $58. McCarter Theater Center, 91 University Place. 609-258-2787.

RAHWAY Hamilton Stage Lisa Bouchelle, rock. Dec. 31 at 8:30 p.m. $25. “El Sueño: The Dream.” A Three Kings Day show by Alborada Spanish Dance Theater. Jan. 4 at 3 p.m. $14 and $20. Susan Werner, singer-songwriter. Jan. 9 at 8 p.m. $25. Hamilton Stage, 360 Hamilton Street. 732-499-8226

RED BANK Count Basie Theater “Sing-Along: Wizard of Oz,” sing along to the classic 1939 film. Jan. 3 at 2 p.m. $15. Count Basie Theater, 99 Monmouth Street. 732-842-9000


The first iPhone was released in 2007, but the history of the iPhone starts well before then in the development of multiple different projects all wrapped up under the codename Project Purple.

2003: A new way to use computers?

The birth of the revolutionary technology that would eventually power the iPhone didn’t start with a grand vision for reshaping the way we communicate. It started with a plan to fix the most cumbersome parts of a computer: the mouse.

In 2003, Apple started internal experimentation to find a way to replace the mouse with a touchpad that offered much more control and flexibility. Their initial design, a tablet-sized, finger-controlled interface known as the Model 035, allowed users to pinch, scroll, and zoom – all things that were currently unavailable on modern computers.

This project was eventually put aside though when it became clear that Apple had more pressing issues…

2004: The Rise and Fall of the iPod

The iPod was released in 2001 and quickly became not only a consumer favorite (eventually selling nearly 400 million units) but also one of Apple’s major revenue streams.

But even as iPod sales were climbing rapidly, Apple’s executive team knew its days were limited. Customers were carrying around both an iPod and a mobile phone and were convinced that the mobile phones would eventually have the ability to play music, something that would make iPods obsolete.

To keep the company profitable and maintain its position as a market leader in tech innovation, Apple executives knew they needed to come up with the next generation of mobile phones before their competitors did.

2005: The Rokr E1

Apple’s first step in this direction was to partner with Motorola for the release of the Rokr E1. It was an iTunes compatible mobile phone that allowed consumers to store songs and play them through an iPod-like interface. Unfortunately, it’s significant limitations meant it was never going to redefine the market. It was only able to hold 100 songs, its clunky interface was difficult to navigate, and its slow upload rate was frustrating to use.

These limitations made it clear to Apple that they needed to produce their own solution.

2005: The Birth of an Idea

The initial idea to create their own phone with a touchscreen display came straight from the top of the company.

In an appearance at the All Things D conference in 2010, Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and CEO at the time, recounted the moment the idea of the iPhone was born.

“I’ll tell you a secret. It began with the tablet. I had this idea about having a glass display, a multi-touch display you could type on with your fingers. I asked our people about it. And six months later, they came back with this amazing display. And I gave it to one of our really brilliant UI guys. He got scrolling working and some other things, and I thought, ‘My God, we can build a phone with this!’ So we put the tablet aside, and we went to work on the iPhone.”

From there, Project Purple was born.

2006: Project Purple

The Apple research and development team dropped all other projects and this new mobile phone, known internally as “Project Purple,” became the top priority.

The first hurdle Apple had to overcome in developing the iPhone wasn’t related to the technology or the manufacturing. It was building a team!

To avoid their competitors discovering their category-defining innovation, Steve Jobs was adamant that no-one from outside the company could work on Project Purple. He was so concerned about security that even those who were being internally recruited couldn’t be told what they were working on before they joined.

Once a team was chosen, they were split into two separate but closely integrated teams: hardware and software. They spent many long nights and weekends brainstorming, testing, and iterating different versions in their dedicated building on the Apple Cupertino campus, and conditions inside the building quickly got weird:

“Very much like a dorm, people were there all the time. It smelled something like pizza, and in fact on the front door of the Purple Dorm we put a sign up that said ‘Fight Club’ – because the first rule of that project was to not talk about it outside those doors.”

Scott Forstall – Apple’s Senior Vice President of iOS

Their hard work eventually yielded results when a design prototype was finalized in Spring 2006, looking quite similar to Apple’s 2004-era iPod Mini (a metallic body with rounded edges).

Internal concerns about the rounded sides making the iPhone appear too large were eventually taken on board, and only a few months before its release, the design was changed to the now-iconic rectangular body with rounded corners and a full-face glass display with a singular button.

2007: The last-minute change to Gorilla Glass

In January 2007, Steve Jobs proudly strode onto the stage at the MacWorld 2007 convention and unveiled the iPhone to raucous applause from loyal Apple fans. But one thing that can’t be seen clearly in that video is that the iPhone he’s holding is not the one that eventually made it into consumers’ hands.

The iPhone Steve Jobs is holding has scratches on the screen. Not because someone had used a piece of sharpened metal to gouge slivers into the glass, but because the screen on the original iPhone is made of hardened plastic – the same plastic used on iPod screens.

The day after his keynote address, Steve called Jeff Williams, the now-head of design at Apple and COO, and told him that the screen had to be changed to glass. Jeff’s team had already covered this:

“I’ve been looking at that, and in 3 to 4 years, technology may evolve, and we can do that.”

Steve’s reply was simple, direct, and straight-forward:

“You don’t understand. When it ships in June, it needs to be glass.”

Two days later, Wendell Weeks, the CEO of Corning, called Williams after speaking with the Apple CEO. He had a solution.

In 1962, Corning launched Project Muscle – an innovation drive to find new solutions to existing problems and invent new products.

One of the most promising inventions to come out of this project was known internally as 0317. Engineers tweaked a recently developed method for reinforcing glass and created a new type of glass so strong they cold throw fortified tumblers off the roof of their 9-story headquarters without them breaking.

Their internal testing showed that while normal glass could withstand 7,000 pounds of pressure per square inch, Chemcor, as it became known, could withstand 100,000 pounds of pressure per square inch – opening up a new world of applications that were previously unsuitable for glass.

Initial interest was strong, with windshield and eye safety wear manufacturers seeing it’s potential, but as further testing revealed issues with how the glass shattered when it did break, Corning was forced to put the project back on their research and development shelves.

But the idea to dust it off and experiment further with it came in 2005 with the release of the Motorola Razr V3. It was the first mobile to feature a glass screen and it prompted Corning to explore whether there were any modern applications for Chemcor.

Testing to reduce the thickness of the glass from its 4mm thickness hadn’t produced much progress by the time Steve Jobs called in 2007, but even though Apple was requesting 1.3mm thick super-strong glass, Corning said they could do it.

Hundreds of hours of testing went into the development of what is now known as Gorilla Glass, and just 11 days before the first iPhone was released, Apple issued a press release breaking the news that the iPhone would now have a glass screen.

January 1st, 2015 is a Thursday. It is the 1st day of the year, and in the 1st week of the year (assuming each week starts on a Monday), or the 1st quarter of the year. There are 31 days in this month. 2015 is not a leap year, so there are 365 days in this year. The short form for this date is 1/1/2015.

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How old was the oldest person ever?

The oldest person ever recorded was Jeanne Calment, a woman from France. She was born on February 21, 1875 and lived until the age of 122 years and 164 days before passing away on August 4, 1997. (ref)

Of the top 10 oldest people ever, all 10 are currently women. The oldest man ever is currently recorded as being Jiroemon Kimura from Japan, who lived until the age of 116 years and 54 days. He passed away on June 12, 2013.

With that said, Fredie Blom, a South African man born on 8 May 1904, was recorded as 'unofficially' the world's oldest man ('unofficial' because he wasn't listed in the Guinness Book of World Records). Fredie died on 22 August 2020 at a said age of 116 years, 3 months, and 14 days.

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Jeremy RennerJanuary 7 Ewan McGregorMarch 31
Sacha Baron CohenOctober 13 Johnny KnoxvilleMarch 11
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January 28, 2014 Day 8 of the Sixth Year - History


Managing Various People in One's Life by V Subramanian (uploaded on 28th January, 2013)

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(K) Pension Regulations for RBI Staff - Recent Liberalisation of Pension terms for RBI Staff (uploaded on 18/2/2013)

Have You Already Retired ?

DA for Pensioners : (uploaded on 01/02/2012)

Earlier Bipartite Settlement Details :

8 th Bipartite Settlement Details (BPS)

6th Bipartite Settlement Details (BPS)

New Discussion Updates - From January , 2016 onwards :

Hot Talks - Appointment of Heads in Big PS Banks from Private Sector (updated on 31/07/2015)

Hot Talks (updated on 16/06/2015) - List of candidates selected for interviews of big six PS Banks includes names of even DGMs and CMDs Mr Bhasin and Ms Iyer given post-retirement jobs but bank retires given lower pensions.

Hot Talks (updated on 16/05/2015)- Appointment of new EDs, MDs and CEOs of three banks

Marginal Increase of 0.60% in DA from May 2015 by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 30/04/2015)

Value of Time : What is the Significance of 28 Months + 50 days For UFBU Vs 41 Days For A Tree In a Garden [File may take sometime to load as it contains six photos] by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 18/04/2015)

Achievements of IBA-UFBU Meeting Held on 16th April 2015 by Rajesh Goyal & Kamlesh Chaturvedi (uploaded on 17/04/2015)

Hot Talks - TM Bhasin gets extension for 14 months. Bhasin is successful whereas Kamath miserably failed to get extension? Is it a reward about which bankers are talking ? (uploaded on 31/03/2015)

2nd Round of Sub Committee Meetings Are Damp Squab by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 17/03/2015 - Mid night)

Till late night, there is no confirmed news from any officer unions about the details of the progress on even Non-Monetary Issues in small committee meeting held on 16th March 2015. Only news is that there was discussion on certain topics. Stoic silence of all union leaders Are Great leaders afraid of sharing the same with their comrades ? (11.30 PM on 16th March, 2015)

Hot Talks - List of Nine newly appointed EDs Released - Banks also allotted. (uploaded on 11/03/2015 at 9.00 PM)

Small Committee Meetings for 10th BPS to be held on 16th March and 17th March 2015 for Officers Unions and Workmen Unions respectively.

by Sudhakar Rao (uploaded on 08/03/2015)

10th BPS – Some Important Points by Pannvalan (uploaded on 26/02/2015)

Some Suggestions for UFBU by Aam Banker by Hiren Bhatelia (uploaded on 26/02/2015)

As per latest reports : 4 day Strike from 25th February 2015 cancelled - Wage revision settled at an increase of 15% offered by IBA (total cost being Rs 4725 crores). 2nd and 4th Saturday's to be holidays and other Saturday's will be full working days. Details to be uploaded soon (updated at 5.20 PM on 23/02/2014)

Now uploading of Ads at has become easier as permanent email registration is not necessary. We have provided options for sale of Properties under SARFESAI and thus for larger viewership of sale of defaulter's properties, they can use this forum FREE OF COST. [ ABS readers know that we have recently launched a New Website - Bankers can place FREE Classified Advertisements Across India and Search the Same According to State / City - Click Here to Check the Details.

UFBU Meeting on 23rd December, 2014 : They have proposed 48 hour Strike from 20th January (6.00AM) to 22nd January, 2014 (6.00 AM) for expediting wage revision and to oppose bank reforms. (uploaded on 23/12/2013).

Reports are coming that in the today's meeting (14-12-2013), IBA made some initial offer which even union leaders feel is not satisfactory. Thus they say STRIKE ON 18th DECEMBER STANDS, subject to reconciliation proceedings of 16th. However, till now UBFU leaders are tight lipped on the details of IBA offer (Some say it is 5% corpus increase) Will update as and when confirmation about details are received. (updated on 14/12/2013 at 6.00PM)

Next Round of Negotiations fixed for 11 th October, 2013 - 7 th Pay Commission Constituted - What should UFBU Do Now? by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 2/10/2013)

Chances of An Honourable Settlement Are Becoming Dimmer and Dimmer As Time Is Passing by Rajesh Goyal ( uploaded on 18/09/2013)

Likely Scenario of New Basic Pay and DA after IBA and UFBU Have Agreed to Merge 4440 Points or 60.15% of DA - Detailed Analysis and Charts for Officers and Workmen Staff for the Likely Increase in Salary by Rajesh Goyal ( uploaded on 14/08/2013)

Charts for Likely Salary of Bank officers Based on Merger of 60.15% DA and giving a 20% increase in Basic Pay and ensuring that the revised conversion factor is 0.12 for converting balance slab into DA percentage . by Rajesh Goyal ( uploaded on 14/08/2013)

Charts for Likely Salary of Workmen Based on Merger of 60.15% DA and giving a 20% increase in Basic Pay and ensuring that the revised conversion factor is 0.12 for converting balance slab into DA percentage . by Rajesh Goyal ( uploaded on 14/08/2013)

Wage Revision Xth BPS : IBA once again pitched on for “Cost to Company” (CTC) concept : L.BALASUBRAMANIA, General Secretary, NUBE Beautifully Explains The Pitfalls in CTC (uploaded on 10/06/2013)

Wage Revision Xth BPS : Meeting Dated 7th June is Again Listless by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 08/06/2013)

Xth Wage Revision : UFBU MISERABLY FAILS IN THE FIRST ROUND ITSELF - Part I by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 30/05/2013)


Why UFBU and IBA Are Silent on Wage Revision ? - Next Meeting on 10th BPS continues to Elude Poor Bankers by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 17/3/2013)

10th BPS - Will It Be Collective Begging or Collective Bargaining? Should Union Leaders Follow This New Agenda ? by Sudhakar Rao, (uploaded on 27/11/2012)

10th BPS - Approach Paper - Strategies and Implications Different Scenarios of Likely Pay Scales at different Level of Mergers and Different %age of Hikes by Pannvalan (uploaded on 22/11/2012)

Critical Observations on 1st to 9th BPS b y Pannvalan (uploaded on 21/11/2012)

Comparison of past Bipartite Settlements - 1st BPS to 9th BPS by Pannvalan (uploaded on 21/11/2012)

What Constitutes A Reasonable and Justifiable Hike in Basic Pay in the 10th BPS by S.Srinivsan, President, NUBE (uploaded on 10/11/2012)

Charter of Demands Submitted by UFBU - Lacks Consistency, Cohesiveness, Innovation - Part I by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 04/11/2012)

Highlights of Charter of Demands by Workmen Unions (uploaded on 4/11/2012)

Highlights of Charter of Demands by Officers' Unions (uploaded on 4/11/2012)

Charter of Demands by Workmen Unions - AIBEA, NCBE, BEFI, INBEF, NOBW

CHARTER OF DEMAND BY OFFICERS' UNIONS - AIBOC, AIBOA, INBOC, NOBO ( updated version uploaded on 8/11/2012)

Submission of Your Data To

We have requested all serving and retired bankers to register with us. Response has been only reasonable when compared to number of visitors at this website. It seems number of bankers are still shy or lazy to submit the same. In case you have not done the same, please do it now. (Click here for submitting the details ( In case you have already submitted your details, please do not re-submit)

Income Tax Issues : (These have been revised and updated as on 2/2/2013):

Latest Income Tax Slabs in India - Income Tax Act 1961

PS : In case any discrepancy is noticed, please inform us so that the same can be corrected for the benefit of other readers. (email : [email protected])

Helpline for Bankers' by Bankers

This new series of Helpline was started for bankers. Separate pages are being allotted for specific topics so that bankers can upload their queries on the relevant page. The answers / replies / suggestions to such queries will be given by other readers who have faced similar problems or have worked in departments relating to such queries. To begin with, HELPLINES for following topics are available:-

Short Stories Holding Family and Human Values (uploaded on 06/02/2013)

Important Files Relating to Court Judgements / RTI decisions and Legal Cases Relating to Wage Revision / HRD Matters:

Archive (Updates, articles, discussions etc held during 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013)

Other Recent Discussion Updates of 2014 :-

Negotiation Talks held on 3rd February, 2015. As expected IBA increased its offer merely by 0.50% and the new offer stands at mere 13% (short by 6.5% from the last curtailed demand of 19.5%). UFBU leaders say it is not satisfactory. Thus, UFBU has announced revival of Four Day Strike Programme from 25th Febraury, and indefinite strike from 16th March, 2015. Analysis of the talks will be uploaded after detailed circular is made available by UFBU or reported by other unions.

DA from February 2015 to increase by merely 2 slabs and new DA rate will be 110.10% (uploaded on 30/01/2015)

The reports indicate that (A) the next meeting of the Sub Committee on Charter of Demands of workmen will be held on 30th January 2015 at I.B.A. office MUMBAI (B) the whole Negotiating Committee will meet with IBA on 3rd February 2015 at MUMBAI. It appears the last Part of the Negotiation Drama will now be enacted. Will there be some surprises or will it be on the expected lines i.e. meek surrender of UFBU before the Almighty IBA. Lets Wait and Watch. (uploaded on 23/01/2015)

The reports at this hour i.e. 9.30 PM of 19th January, 2015, indicates that UFBU has decided to keep on hold the 4 day strike as IBA has assured to resolve the issues in the first week of February 2015. Details about the discussions are still awaited. These will be uploaded only on receipt of confirmation.

In a surprise move and unorthodox style, RBI on 15th January, 2015, has reduced the Repo Rate by 25 bps to 7.75% (earlier it was 8%). Consequently, the Reverse Repo rate under LAF has been adjusted to 6.75%. Similarly, the Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) rate and Bank Rates have also been reduced to 8.75% (from earlier 9.00%). This is indication that India is entering a interest rate softening cycle.

PSU Bank Clerk Earns Less Than A Daily Wage Labourer in Kerala - New Indian Express Newspaper by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 08/01/2015)

SLR reduced from 22% to 21.50% wef 7/2/2015. However, No Change in Repo, Reverse Repo, MSF Rates as per announcement on 3rd February 2015 (Sixth Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy Review 2014-15)

Wage Revision: Officials Under Modi Government Play the Old Game of Passing the Buck by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 27/11/2014)

HOT Talks (Updated) - List of New CMDs is likely to come by end of this month (Nov 2014). by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 27/11/2014)

HOT Talks - 16 candidates to be interviewed for 8 CMD posts uner a new revised procedure by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 17/11/2014)

S. Ramachandran, former General Manager of Bank of Baroda (uploaded on 06/11/2014

As predicted by us in our article dated 29/10/2014. the agitation by WE BANKER failed to attract attendance of over 500, and CLC called a meeting of IBA and UFBU on 5th November 2014 (as required by law), but it remained inclusive, CLC has once again called for meeting on 10th November 2014. Let us see whether IBA and CLC is able to defer the strike (as on date strike still stands, but more and more bankers seems to be against one day strike) by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 05/11/2014) - No link here

What Are Factors That Are Affecting the Health of PS Banks ? by Danendra Jain (uploaded on 14/10/2014)

Black Diwali for Bankers :

IBA took 9 days to say that it can not improve its offer of 11% increase. UFBU wants to go on useless one day strike on 28th Oct 2014. Overwhelming Bankers wants to go on indefinite Strike before Diwali ( uploaded on 26/09/2014 - 21:00 Hours )

Reports at 3.00 PM indicates that meeting with IBA is over. UFBU still discussing the matter to make their final announcement on the outcome of the negotiations. Reports are not encouraging and indicate there is no tangible progress in negotiation talks . (uploaded on 26/09/2014 - 15:15 Hours )

RUMORS ALL ROUND ABOUT NEGOTIATION TALKS ON 17TH SEPTEMBER 2014 by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 18/09/2014 - 12.30 AM - Midnight )

Initially reports indicate, UFBU ready to relent from his demand of 25% provided IBA revises its offer subsantially. IBA wants a week's time to respond. Detailed circular awaited

DELHI CHALO : Join the agitation in Delhi at Jantar Mantar on 13th September 2014 at 3.00 PM (we have not been able to upload more details as organizers of the same have failed to send us the details through email, inspite of approaching them through FaceBook and phone)

UFBU - IBA Stalemate Seems to be Over : Reports indicate that the negotiating meeting for Xth BPS has been now called on 17th September, 2014 at 2.00 PM. Who has bent? IBA officials are likely to meet DFS, Ministry of Finance on 8th September 2014 for finalising their strategy. Hope it will not turn into another Lunch Party. Report to follow (No link at present) - (uploaded on 4th September 2014)

Knowledge Update for Budget Day - 10th July, 2014 : Budget Terms and Definitions - Budget Terminologies by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 29/06/2014)

Knowledge Update : Budget Terms and Definitions - Budget Terminologies by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 29/06/2014)

UFBU Needs to Learn Lessons from Modi : by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 14/06/2014)

Today's Meeting : (13/06/2014) As expected UFBU and IBA meeting ends in stalemate : IBA increased the offer to 11% but UFBU wants at least 25% increase. Waiting for full details

Bankers' Dream of 5 Day Working Shattered by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 05/06/2014)

Indian Banking At Cross Roads ? by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 21/5/2014)

DA Controversy - Part 3 by Pannvalan (uploaded on 18/04/2014)

by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 10/04/2014)

”UFBU ko phir Ulloo Banaya ?” : Reports indicate UFBU leaders have again become Ullu. It is claimed that in the 3 rd March 2014, U.F.B.U. raised the adequate wage revision issue and also raised other issues like 5 day's banking, regulated working hours', improvements in Pension related issues including switch over from NPS to old pension scheme, housing and hospitalization. IBA assured that these matters will be discussed with Finance Ministry on 5th instant and thereafter hold negotiations within 10 days. Leaders Must Have Enjoyed Air Trips, 5 Star Hotel Stays, Heavy Tea & Snacks, Lunch etc at expenses of their comrades !! Another drama by IBA and UFBU to ensure that Election Code of Conduct should come into force (which was earlier expected from 2 nd March, 2013, is now likely to be enforced from 5 th March, 2014) - More Details and analysis on receiving detailed circular

Performance of PS Banks Vs. Wage Component by V Subramanian (uploaded on 11/02/2014)

Reports indicate that emboldened by FM's statement, now IBA decides to postpone Negotiating Committee meeting scheduled for 13th February 2014. Further Reports indicate that UFBU has been badly snubbed even after 2 days successful strike as CMD of IOB left for Sri Lanka without caring for negotiating committee meeting. IBA seems to have Zero commitment level towards Bank Employees. (uploaded on 11/02/2014 at 4.45 PM ) - Confirmed details awaited.

Same Drama Re-enacted : In today's meeting, CLC advised IBA to prepone meeting nd UFBU asked to defer the strike. Thus, conciliation inclusive and Strike Stands on 10th and 11th February, 2014. Wait for next part - whether IBA will prepones meeting and what will be its offer? Will they offer another lollipop? You to have to wait and watch (uploaded on 6/02/2014) - Details to follow on receipt of detailed circular,

Hot Talks - Why Government is in hurry to clear the list of EDs ? (updated on 31/01/2014) -

RBI raises Repo Rate to 8% Accordingly, Reverse Repo Rate revised to 7% and MSF and Bank Rate to 9%. Third Quarter Review of Monetary Policy - Details to Follow (updated on 28/01/2014)

Reports Indicate that IBA has offered merely increase from 9.5% to 10.%. UFBU has rejected the same and called for Strike on 10th and 11th February, 2014 (uploaded on 27/01/2014) - Details Awaited. Analysis will follow only after receipt of full circular.

by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 24/01/2014)

Hot Talks - Chairman, NHB Resigns? 14 GMs to be promoted as EDs (updated on 27/01/2014) -

Fixed Match Results in Announcement of Single Digit Increase. What is 9.5% Increase ? by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 17/01/2014)

Strike for 20th & 21st January 2014 deferred after IBA improved its offer from 5% to 9.5% on PaySlip cost. Next round of talks on 27th January, 2014. Detailed analysis to be uploaded after receiving full circular of UFBU - by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 17/01/2014)

I nsensitive and Insincere IBA Forced to Pre-pone Negotiating Meeting to 17th January, 2014 - by Rajesh Goyal (uploaded on 14/01/2014)

Is It Complete Breakdown of Co-ordination between IBA and UFBU or Match Fixing Between Two ? (uploaded on 6th January, 2014)

DA from February 2014 likely to increase by more than 5% i.e. what has been offered by IBA after 5 years wait under 10th BPS . (uploaded on 5th January, 2014)

Ebola in the United States

Overall, eleven people were treated for Ebola in the United States during the 2014-2016 epidemic. On September 30, 2014, CDC confirmed the first travel-associated case of EVD diagnosed in the United States in a man who traveled from West Africa to Dallas, Texas. The patient (the index case) died on October 8, 2014. Two healthcare workers who cared for him in Dallas tested positive for EVD. Both recovered.

On October 23, 2014, a medical aid worker who had volunteered in Guinea was hospitalized in New York City with suspected EVD. The diagnosis was confirmed by the CDC the next day. The patient recovered.

Seven other people were cared for in the United States after they were exposed to the virus and became ill while in West Africa, the majority of whom were medical workers. They were transported by chartered aircraft from West Africa to hospitals in the United States. Six of these patients recovered, one died. [2]

It should be said that the DATE function gives you more leeway than EOMONTH since it can return literally any day of the month you choose.

=DATE(year,month,day) gives you the date you need or better yet the serial number belonging to the date you need.

For Example =DATE(2014,10,28) gives you 12/28/2014

But here’s a kicker =DATE(2014,10, 0 ) gives you 9/30/2014

So with DATE function, these would be the two formulas (considering our initial goal)

Last day of the previous month =DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH(TODAY()),0)

Last day of the current month =DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH(TODAY())+1,0)

Now this trick with the zero as the last argument of the date function is genius. But even better, it can even go into negative. So you can do =DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH(TODAY()),DAY(TODAY())-2) gives you the date of two days ago.

Here are a few more examples of how you can use both functions

I can already hear you screaming what about the +1 on the month argument of the DATE function if the current month is December. Well you needless worry about that, you can easily go over 12 and the DATE function simply returns the month using the remainder after the number has been divided by 12 and even adds the number of years it get’s from the division by 12 to the year argument. Simply Brilliant and a great way towards that ever elusive Eternal Happiness.

In the early centuries of the Church, once Christmas began to be celebrated as its own feast on December 25 (having originally been celebrated with the Feast of the Epiphany, on January 6), the Octave (eighth day) of Christmas, January 1, took on a special meaning. In the East, and throughout much of the West, it became common to celebrate a feast of Mary, the Mother of God, on this day. This feast was never established in the universal calendar of the Church, however, and a separate feast, celebrating the Circumcision of Our Lord Jesus Christ (which would have taken place a week after His birth), eventually took hold of January 1.

With the revision of the liturgical calendar at the time of the introduction of the Novus Ordo, the Feast of the Circumcision was set aside, and the ancient practice of dedicating January 1 to the Mother of God was revived—this time, as a universal feast.

Some Feats

Given the range of countries that we have gathered information for we can answer some questions about number ones. If we restrict ourselves to the English speaking world that we have good charts for (that is the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Ireland) then only two artists had number ones simultaneously across all those charts before 1990: The Beatles with "I Feel Fine" from Dec 1964 to Jan 1965 and John Lennon in Jan 1981. Three artists managed this feat in the 1990s: Bryan Adams in Aug 1991 - Sep 1991 Whitney Houston in Dec 1992 - Jan 1993 and Celine Dion in Mar 1998.

Looking at the proportion of time that each artist was number one in at least one of our target countries gives yet another measure of the relative success that various acts enjoyed. If we work out what proportion of each decade they spent in the number one song slot we get this listing:

# Artist 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s
1 The Beatles 35.6% 1.7%
2 Bing Crosby 31.6% 2.3%
3 Elvis Presley 11.2% 19.7% 2.6%
4 Madonna 12.2% 6.9%
5 Abba 13.6% 1.9%
6 Perry Como 7.0% 10.4% 0.6%
7 Glenn Miller 13.2%
8 Mariah Carey 12.8%
9 Bee Gees 2.5% 10.8% 0.9%
10 Phil Collins 9.6% 2.8%
11 The Rolling Stones 8.1% 3.6% 1.3% 0.2%
12 Rod Stewart 8.6% 0.7% 1.9%
13 Elton John 5.6% 1.1% 6.5%
14 Michael Jackson 1.9% 5.9% 3.8%
15 Bryan Adams 0.4% 8.4%
16 The Ink Spots 8.3%
17 U2 4.2% 5.9%
18 Boyz II Men 7.7%
19 Celine Dion 7.4%
20 Wings 7.4%
21 Cliff Richard 2.1% 5.0% 1.0% 0.9% 0.8%
22 Dinah Shore 6.7% 1.0%
23 Johnnie Ray 6.7%
24 Whitney Houston 4.5% 4.4%
25 Spice Girls 6.7%
26 Nat King Cole 1.5% 5.8% 0.2%
27 Cher 1.7% 1.1% 4.9%
28 Jimmy Dorsey 6.1%
29 Vaughn Monroe 5.9%
30 Take That 5.8%

The 1940s and 1950s are biased in two different ways, firstly there are fewer charts (so acts are liable to spend less time at number one) and secondly the charts that existed were less dynamic (so acts spent longer in the top slot). We have assumed these factors just about cancel each other out. Only Cliff Richard and The Rolling Stones have managed to extend beyond 3 decades.

Another interesting metric is to look at how long a particular artist managed to remain at number one in at least one of these countries. This shows artists that were globally popular with multiple songs released in quick succession. Here are all the artists that managed at least 75 days of being number one somewhere:

# Artist Days
1 Phil Collins 259
2 Bing Crosby 212
3 The Beatles 196
4 Glenn Miller 184
5 Dinah Shore 154
6 Elvis Presley 140
7 Sinead O'Connor 135
8 Boyz II Men 126
9 Elton John 125
10 Bryan Adams 121
11 Survivor 107
12 Stevie Wonder 99
13 Abba 98
13 Los Del Rio 98
13 Meat Loaf 98
13 Whitney Houston 98
17 Spice Girls 97
18 Britney Spears 92
19 Coolio 91
19 Doris Day 91
19 Perry Como 91
22 John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John 90
23 Starsound 86
23 Wings 86
25 P Diddy & Faith Evans 85
26 George Harrison 84
26 Harry James 84
26 Jimmy Dorsey 84
26 Johnnie Ray 84
36 Mariah Carey 84
31 Michael Jackson 83
32 Tony Orlando & Dawn 81
33 Lou Bega 78
34 Bill Haley & His Comets 77
34 The Rolling Stones 77
34 Vaughn Monroe 77
37 Nancy Sinatra 75

The Beatles and Bing Crosby both managed more than 100 day stints twice (The Beatles narrowly missed out on managing three 100 stretches because of a two day gap in Mar 1966.

Watch the video: 03 28 3 2011 Σουφισμός Εβραίοι, Βλάχοι και Αρβανίτες στον Ελλαδικό χώρο (February 2023).

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