Fourth Grade School Supplies List

Fourth Grade School Supplies List

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In the fourth grade, students begin to establish a foundation for developing research skills, writing skills, and critical reading skills. The supplies listed here are typical of the tools students will use to learn fourth grade skills. As always, you should check with your teacher to determine the specific supplies you'll need.

  • No. 2 Pencils Students will go through many pencils and erasers in the fourth grade, so it is important to keep a full supply in the home.
  • Eraser packs Don't be caught unprepared!
  • Planner Time management skills are important for success in the fourth grade, as students often find homework assignments require a bit more organization and planning than ever before.
  • Colored pocket folders Teachers often require separate folders for individual subjects.
  • Binder In the fourth grade, subjects may be separated in a binder. Some teachers encourage students to keep time management aids in binders.
  • Wide-ruled paper This type of paper is often required for essay assignments.
  • Highlighters Students begin to use highlighters to mark important information on study sheets and notes.
  • Red pens In the fourth grade, students may start to switch papers for grading. Red pens and pencils are used for grading other students' assignments.
  • Pencil box It's important to stay organized.
  • Backpack Many schools require students to use clear backpacks.
  • Pencil sharpener You'll need one for test day!
  • Bookmarks You'll be reading more advanced books.
  • Colored pencils Students begin to study geography in the fourth grade in much greater detail. Colored pencils will be used for maps and other projects.
  • Ruler Students begin to work with graphs in the fourth grade. Geometry is also a subject students will explore in some depth.
  • Flashcards Students begin to learn concepts in math such as order of operations. It is important for students to fully memorize multiplication tables.


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